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The Cost-Effective Wisdom of Hiring an Interior Designer

June 19, 2023
Living room/kitchen photo Lake Norman Lakemist Homes

When it comes to the creative process of making your house a home, one of the most valuable investments you can make is hiring an interior designer. You might be thinking, "How is spending more money going to save me money?" While it might seem counterintuitive, employing a professional designer can save you both time and money in the long run, and here's why:

1. Access to Designer Discounts and Name Brands:

One of the biggest perks of hiring an interior designer is their access to designer discounts and exclusive name brands. As industry insiders, they have relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and craftspeople that the average person does not. They can procure high-end furniture, unique art pieces, and stylish decor at prices far below retail costs. This purchasing power can offset the cost of their services, giving you access to premium items while staying within budget.

2. Avoiding Costly Mistakes:

This is the biggest one I get often from clients. Mistakes in the realm of interior design can be time-consuming and expensive. A designer's expertise is rooted in their education, experience, and instinct. They can help you avoid costly errors such as buying furniture that doesn't fit your space, choosing the wrong color scheme, or failing to consider the flow and functionality of a room. The cost of correcting these mistakes can quickly add up, making the designer's fee a worthwhile investment.

3. Budget Management and Planning:

An experienced designer can take your budget and create a detailed plan that maximizes your spend, saving you from costly oversights. They can prioritize elements of the design project, strategically allotting funds to ensure your dream space comes to life without breaking the bank. This planning can include the clever use of existing pieces, sustainable practices, and effective layout design.

4. Value Added to Your Home:

A well-designed home can significantly increase its value. This is especially relevant if you plan on selling your property down the line. Professional designers can provide a timeless appeal and versatility that potential buyers will love, thus raising the overall price and ROI.

5. Time Equals Money:

Interior design is a meticulous job that requires a significant investment of time. Balancing dimensions, color, style, and functionality is a full-time job on its own. An interior designer takes this burden off your shoulders, leaving you to enjoy the exciting aspects of the process. The time you save can be spent on your work, family, or leisure activities, which, as we all know, time is money.

6. Improved Quality of Life:

Last but not least, living in a beautifully designed home can enhance your daily living experience. It can reduce stress, inspire creativity, and provide comfort. While this may not translate directly into monetary savings, the impact on your mental wellbeing and productivity can indirectly contribute to your financial health.

In conclusion, while there's an upfront cost to hiring an interior designer, the long-term benefits - from designer discounts and avoiding costly mistakes to adding value to your home and saving time - make it a cost-effective choice. Don't think of it as an unnecessary luxury but as an investment in your home and wellbeing.